Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Continue the Farce Without America, Thank You

The UN Human Rights body is a joke dominated by despots. American withdrawal is justified. China's reaction is priceless:

China expressed regret on Wednesday over a U.S. decision to withdraw from the U.N. Human Rights Council, with state media saying the image of the United States as a defender of rights was "on the verge of collapse".

China is building Dystopian State 1.0 in its Xinjiang west:

I've mentioned that China is hard at work building the Beta version of Dystopian Surveillance Police State 1.0 in restive Xinjiang province (somewhere in that data dump). But the features are being built everywhere in China. Not even jaywalking or how much toilet paper you use is beneath notice. This should scare the Hell out of people. Remember that even here almost all of us voluntarily carry around devices that can record what we say and where we go 24/7. No way that would be used against us by companies or our government, right? Right?? Tips to Instapundit.

And if leaving that farcical UN body really did tarnish the image of America as a defender of rights, China would be very happy indeed to have that happen.

Because China is happy to have a neutered human rights body that retains credibility by the continued presence of America on it.

UPDATE: Hahahaha! The Russians are moaning about our decision, too:

Russia says that the U.S. exit from the United Nations' Human Rights Council reflects Washington's unilateralist approach to global affairs. ...

The Russian mission described the council as a "key international platform for cooperation in protecting human rights."

Never say the Russians don't have a sense of humor.

Russia likes the council because it is not a body for protecting human rights. And until now, America's presence on the flawed dictator-protection council gave it some undeserved credibility.

UPDATE: To Hell with those people:

A recent United Nations report blasting President Trump and America in general for harboring “contempt” and “hatred for the poor” is based on highly inaccurate data that can’t easily be used to compare the U.S. to other nations.

Not just any UN report, a human rights council report.

And it not only used bad statistics but used statistics from the last year of the Obama administration to launch the attack on America under Trump.