Friday, June 29, 2018

How Disinformation is Born

President Trump proposed a Space Force as an independent service. Russia responds with the "big lie" technique.

The Russians truly are annoying:

Russia is warning the US there will be a "tough response" if it violates an international treaty barring nuclear weapons in outer space after President Donald Trump ordered the establishment of a "space force" as a sixth branch of the US military earlier this week, Air Force Times reports.

Creating a Space Force does not put nuclear weapons in space. The Russian "warning" is just meant to falsely introduce that fake controversy to the global image of the proposal.

And nowhere in that article is there any push-back against the false charge.

And so another piece of Russian "fake news" is born.

As I've noted, I'd rather have the Air Force re-tasked as the Aerospace Force, with the Army getting close air support responsibilities. And no organizational change includes putting nukes in space in violation of the 1967 treaty on the issue.