Thursday, November 10, 2016

No Worries, Just "Scattered" Violence So Far

There goes the neighborhood:

The biggest street protest in years shook this sprawling capital on Friday, in a stark display of the more conservative, militant strain of Islam taking hold in the world’s largest Muslim country.

Police estimated that 100,000 people turned out for a rally called by hard-line Muslim groups against the [Indonesian] capital’s Christian governor, whom they accuse of having committed blasphemy.

Well that's just great.

UPDATE: Sadly, the title could apply to America where people unclear on the concept of democracy riot in the streets.

To be fair, many of these rioters are ANSWER thugs who believe Bernie Sanders is a tool of the capitalists, too.

UPDATE: And don't forget the anarchist scum who can't let the communists get all the glory.

Sigh. One Trump supporter with an unpaid parking ticket tars the entire cohort of supporters as dangerous fellows according to the media and the Left, but communists and anarchists among the anti-Trump rioters is no reason to draw broader conclusions.

UPDATE: I'm so old I remember when all the proper people were horrified at the thought of the losers not accepting the results of the election.

Sad days when a post started as a worrisome note about Islamist protests in Indonesia with only scattered violence ends up noting violence in American cities over our election result. That's just shameful.