Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Forty Days

While many on the Left are joyous over our November election results, I don't know why they are celebrating.

Many suspected that the Bushtatorship would rig the elections with their Diebold machines. Or send troops into the streets with microwave or sound weapons to drive back the hordes of Progressives who voted to take back America. The details may have differed from Daily Kos to Democratic Underground, but plenty on the Left hunkered down in their organic market safe house network, awaiting whatever nefarious plot Cheney had in wait for them this last November.

Yet the Democrats won the election.

So what do we make of this? That the children who now hold the gavel of power were delusional nutcases who never ever lived under a proto-fascist dictatorship that snuffed out their rights as easily as Dick Cheney plugged hunting buddies to keep them in line for the Afghanistan pipeline project? That our freedoms are not under assault by Rove? That the Left may have been a tad hysterical in their warnings of rampant voter fraud and intimidation?

Don't be silly. Admitting all those things are wrong would indicate the Left has a lot of demented believers seriously deluded about the world they live in. The Reality-based community simply couldn't be so wrong about living under a fascist government that has oppressed them these last six years.

No, it should be obvious that serious evil is afoot.

Clearly, the evil Halliburton regime is preparing to drop the hammer on January 1st when the supposed winners are scheduled to be sworn into office! Cheney and Rove obviously plan to draw all the Lefties to Washington, D.C., where they can be rounded up in one operation!

The Bushtatorship is so all powerful and evil that it doesn't even need to even pretend to win an election! And this is being done all for the special joy of seeing the look of surprise on Speaker-Elect Pelosi's face when she is hauled off to jail (frog-marched, of course, as a special favor to Karl Rove for the indignities he suffered for nothing) and the Bush regime rounds up all the Progressives and Baldwin brothers who came back from France or wherever they were hiding to celebrate their presumed victory in Congress!

All in forty days, my naive Progressive friends. You thought the Bush administration was evil? You don't know the half of it! Stealing elections is for woosies and Chicago politicians. Taking Congress back from people who thought they had it for two months is real Rovian-level thuggery. Muhahahaha!

Suckers. Our Leftists probably don't even have a proper stockpile of puppetry to stage a decent protest as this point.