Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Defeating a Brutal Enemy

I don't know why so many over here assume that Iraq can't defeat a small minority willing to use suicide bombers to fight for their objectives.

Sri Lanka has been fighting far better organized and led Tamils for a couple decades now. Tamils who use suicide bombers, have a navy and heavy artillery, and hold terrain on the island of Ceylon. And Sri Lanka's military is not that good.

Iraq can defeat insurgents and terrorists who can't mass in even platoon-sized elements (40-50 men) and who don't control any territory as a safe haven.

The key is not curling up into a fetal position and crying for your mommy.

The Iraqi government is in a stronger position versus its enemies than the Sri Lankan government is against its insurgent enemies. The key difference is that Sri Lanka doesn't have CNN and the BBC waging war against the government with constant reports on the government's inevitable defeat.

Only we can defeat us. I just wish this wasn't as silly as it should be. Too many Americans actually seem to like the fetal position.