Monday, January 31, 2005


A couple months ago, I noted a report that indicated that North Korea was on the verge of collapse. This post in turn links to two posts in November (from my old site).

Well, via Instapundit comes this delightful piece of information:

In interviews for this article over many months, western policymakers, Chinese experts, North Korean exiles and human rights activists built up a picture of a tightly knit clan leadership in Pyongyang that is on the verge of collapse.

The article notes a number of indicators and says the Japanese believe collapse is near. The most important detail is this:

According to exiles, North Korean agents in Beijing and Ulan Bator are frantically selling assets to raise cash — an important sign, says one activist, because “the secret police can always smell the crisis coming before anybody else”.

I've speculated that in Iraq, at some point the Baathists will see they are beaten and will take the money they are now using to fund the insurgency and use it for a nice retirement somewhere that won't ask questions.

Well, this looks like it is happening in North Korea. Squeeze these SOBs.

The most satisfying part?

Bush’s re-election dealt a blow to Kim, 62, who had gambled on a win by John Kerry, the Democratic candidate. Kim used a strategy of divide and delay to drag out nuclear talks with the United States, China, Russia, Japan and South Korea through 2004.

Our enemies often count on us to save them. Not this time, Pillsbury Nuke Boy. Buh bye.

I hope the South Koreans are ready for the implosion. Lord knows what the death rattle would look like.