Wednesday, August 07, 2002

Threat or No Threat?

German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder has warned America not to attack Iraq. His foreign minister, Joschka Fischer, also warned against an attack, saying:

If they were to end their presence prematurely, then we Europeans — as the region's immediate neighbors — would have to bear the fatal consequences.

All along, the Germans have complained the loudest of the Europeans that they can really just live with Iraq under Saddam Hussein. They argue that there is really no threat that justifies attacking Iraq and overthrowing Saddam's regime.

Yet, if we do attack and unspecified bad things happen (presumably NOT the creation of an expansionist, aggressive dictatorship with chemical weapons, missiles, and a burning desire for nukes. Remember, the European appeasers can apparently live with that), then the Europeans would have to cope with the consequences. Hmm. I'd love to hear about the dire consequences they foresee.

The Associated Press article goes on to warn that America could be there for decades and reports, "Fischer said Monday that his Greens party rejects participation in such action, while a top Schroeder aide, Franz Muentefering, said the same day that even with U.N. approval Germany would not feel obliged to take up arms." Do the Germans really worry about us failing to stay in Iraq and turn them into good allied democrats? Jeez, fifty-seven years ago, the Germans were still fighting like mad with the remnants of a once-powerful military machine that had nearly conquered Europe twice in one century. Now they won't send even a token fighting force to stop the likes of Saddam Hussein? Even if the dictator-coddling UN blesses it? You're darn right we can turn Iraq around. We did too good a job with the Germans.