Wednesday, August 14, 2002

Biological Weapons Plant

We’ve spotted activity at an apparent biological weapons plant in Iraq. Are we to wait until all the legalities are in place before we do something? Should we let them make the weapons now and disperse them because Congress hasn’t said “GO!” yet? Honestly, Congress will debate war and then declare war. There is no doubt. The American public will support it. And if the world forgave us for lobbing cruise missiles at a drug plant in Sudan we mistakenly believed made chemical weapons, the world will get over it if we made a mistake. We bomb radar, command and control, and anti-aircraft sites every week for threatening our pilots, protecting our troops and nearby civilians from biological weapons seems like a no-brainer when we know we will change the Iraqi regime soon. If a national strategy of pre-emption is to mean anything, surely we can bomb a biological weapons plant in a country we are about to invade and occupy.