Friday, June 01, 2018

Tick Tock, People

I hear talk of years of negotiations after the presumed June 12th meeting between Trump and Kim in Singapore. I don't know how that can work given that North Korea may only need months to perfect long-range nuclear missiles.

If North Korea is not sincere about giving up nukes--and I don't know if they are--all they need are months of talks to get through the vulnerable period when we can strike to destroy their nukes without a lot of worry about North Korea nuking an American city in retaliation if we miss something.

I've been thinking about this under the assumption that America has geared up to strike North Korea before North Korea gets nukes that can reach American cities. That may happen this year, although intelligence estimates seem to be scarce in public these days.

So it only makes sense to have a personal meeting if the deal is basically done by the time of the summit meeting. We will need the time before North Korea can go fully nuclear just to move in and start to dismantle what is there.

So the finalization of a deal has to proceed quickly if we are to make sure North Korea isn't just buying time with fake negotiations to go nuclear, right?

If the talks really do take years to get a real deal, the only way to proceed is to have China occupy the North Korean nuclear industrial and weapons facilities, I think.