Friday, June 22, 2018

The Silver Lining of Human Stupidity on an Epic Scale

Socialist Venezuela's decline is accelerating now. I almost used "tragedy" instead of "stupidity" in the headline, but this collapse is the totally predictable result of deliberate decisions to impose socialist idiocy on a once-prosperous country.

But there is a silver lining. There is no way a reasonable person (I stand corrected) can blame this coming collapse on America because the heart of the now-rapidly accelerating collapse occurred during the Obama administration.

And who, pray tell, will argue that the left-wing Obama administration worked to undermine the socialist paradise that our Left told us that Hugo Chavez established and left to his idiot successor Maduro?

UPDATE: The people who don't realize how good socialism is just need to be killed, I guess. I hear the omelet will be delicious!