Tuesday, June 26, 2018

From the North Cape

That's going to be noticed in Oslo:

«The Northern Fleet has embarked on the largest gathering in 10 years,» reads the brief information from Russia’s Northern Fleet Wednesday afternoon.

A total of 36 warships and support vessels are currently on their way out to the Barents Sea. Also, about 20 aircrafts are in the air. Along the coast of the Kola Peninsula, more than 150 different rocket- and artillery weapon systems and special equipment are deployed.

The exercises ended less than a week ago and no doubt were intended to intimidate Norway.

That will only prove to the Norwegians, as I noted in a recent data dump, that they need NATO help to defend themselves against Russia, which Russia bitterly complained about:

The Norwegians want more American Marines to remain in their country--and closer to Russia--just in case. The Russians proceeded to wet themselves at the prospect of a whole 700 Marines anywhere near Russia. Which pretty much guaranteed the renewal of the Norwegian TV series Occupied.

Seriously, somebody in Russia needs to tell Putin he's effing things up royally.