Friday, June 01, 2018

From the "Life is Funny" File

America withdrew from the farcical Iran nuclear deal. So who is more helpful with the Iran problem? Europe or Russia?

Even as our European allies work with the odious Iranian regime to salvage the Iran nuclear deal that rewards Iran for pretending not to seek nuclear weapons; our foe the Russians (and the Assad regime, too, truth be told quietly) agree with us (and the Israelis) that Iran should be ejected from Syria.

Life is funny.

Not that Russia is in our good graces, considering they were instrumental in getting the nuclear deal in the first place. (And our half-wit foreign policy brain trust thanked the Russians for their "help" getting the deal! Life is funny: one year the Russians are "helping" us with Iran; the next year they are interfering with our election.)

Of course, this is hilarious: The Saudis are scaling back trade with Germany over German support for Iran regarding the nuclear deal.

Nuance is hard.