Sunday, June 17, 2018

CliffsNote Version of the JCPOA

That's it, basically:

The Iran deal was born in deceit, sold through deception, and kept alive by willful blindness.

There was no way that horrendous deal was going to stop Iran from going nuclear or make Iran a responsible regional power whose possession of nukes was irrelevant.

We already know the brain trust that gave us the 2015 Iran nuclear deal also gave us the failed 2013 chemical weapons deal with Syria that did not eliminate Syria's chemical weapons or prevent Assad from using chemical weapons.

I'm skeptical about whether North Korea is sincere about giving up nukes. But I'm more willing to trust Trump's team will do a better job than the Obama team did.

And note that Obama tarnished the "Libya model" of denuclearizing by killing Khadaffi after he gave up his nuclear program.

So I don't want to hear the horrified utterances of Obama's fanboys (and girls) over the Trump-Kim meeting.