Sunday, June 03, 2018

Box of Barrels

This article discusses using cannons in shipping containers for fire support on ships:

Would it be possible to have boxes of preloaded barrels? The technology to manufacture low-cost, lightweight composite barrels preloaded with long-range guided projectiles is feasible. These would be like vertical launch systems (VLS) and would give a precision weapon a range of about 50 nm.

The "boxes" the authors speak of are standard shipping containers. They anticipate them being placed on amphibious warship decks; and speak of moving them ashore when the ship leaves the area.

Which would make them one more system that could equip a modularized auxiliary cruiser that I described in "The AFRICOM Queen".

And I also spoke of the ship dispatching carried systems ashore for inland missions away from the littorals.

So obviously I endorse the concept. A fire support modularized auxiliary cruiser is totally okay by me.