Thursday, June 28, 2018

Baby Steps

Discovering the "other" in America. (Tip to Instapundit.)

Sadly, too many in that slice of American society seem willing to ask, regarding jihadis who slam planes full of our people into our buildings, "why do they hate us?" as if America did something to justify that violence; while wondering why so many people who don't go to Ivy League schools and who don't live in coastal cities "hate" so much.

I've never learned to hate liberals. I've lived with and worked with too many to see them as less than people and more as caricatures. They are mostly nice people--even if I disagree with their politics about how to run America or approach the world. They aren't evil for having different views.

Yes, I'll complain about "liberals" or "the Left" on occasion.

For the latter I'm generally talking about the far left near- and actual socialists, anarchists, and communists. For the former I'm actually speaking shorthand for the vocal and published liberals with outrageous views who I know don't reflect the vast majority of liberals in the intensity of the feelings or the intolerance of opposing views, at least. On the policy aspect, most may agree with the outrageous voices without also hating those who disagree. To varying degrees, of course, depending on the issue.

It may not always be clear when I write that shorthand, but it is true. And I do try to remember that most of the people who bitterly attack "the right," conservatives, or Republicans are using shorthand, too, and don't really believe that people who want immigration laws enforced are alt-Righters with Nazi/Klan/Confederate uniforms in their closets. But Twitter and social media amplify such voices and are possibly the most destructive feature of our age.

Tolerance and getting along would be a lot easier if the federal government was smaller with a restricted scope of authority that didn't motivate huge efforts to control the federal government.

UPDATE: People need to get a grip and stop treating politics like a religion requiring the smiting of enemies.

Although in one sense it is a logical result of giving our federal government so much power.