Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Words Matter

No, 300,000 NATO troops were not put on "high alert."

What happened is that NATO wants to improve the mobilization time of 300,000 NATO troops from 6 months to two months. This is a "readiness" issue.

And it will cost money so good luck with that.

And if done, just means that the NATO troops may have tied their boot laces before the Russian offensive is over.

UPDATE: In the short run, this is more significant:

The U.S. Defense Department just completed the largest single shipment of ammunition for Army and Air Force units in Europe in more than two decades.

More than 600 shipping containers worth of ammo arrived at the port of Nordenham, Germany, as part of the continued effort to reassure NATO allies in Europe and bolster deterrence against potential Russian aggression.

Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition, and all that.