Sunday, November 27, 2016

Ever More Permanent Union

In an article filled with scorn at how wrong the Brexit voters are to want to leave political Europe, the author writes something that should be on the lips of every Euroskeptic who doesn't want to submit to a Brussels proto-empire eager to erase the "proto" part:

At the end of the day, whether we have a hard or soft Brexit will depend more on others than on us. Let’s be absolutely clear: a negotiating position where you have a specified two years to reach a deal (even if the clock can be stopped for a time) and you need 27 other states to agree to it (even if the last leg is theoretically by qualified majority voting) is a very weak one for Britain.

If it is so difficult to leave the European Union now--for even powerful Britain--will anybody be able to leave in the future who isn't as strong as Britain?

Assuming Britain manages to leave the EU despite the longstanding EU habit of defying democracy to forge an "ever closer union?"

Note too the cheap tarring of Euroskepticism by association with Trump. I was against the EU long before I was for whoever could beat the corrupt Clinton.

And I still can't stand Trump, though I hope he does well for America and I reject liberal claims that fascism is descending on America because of the election.

Good God, people of Europe, get out of the EU now while you can!

America spent the Cold War protecting Europeans from a dictatorial multi-ethnic empire (the Soviet Union) that wished to rule you, and now you are eager to create your own? Seriously?

UPDATE: Remainers haven't given up. Their persistence in trying to undermine the democratic vote to leave should be a reminder of why absorption into the non-democratic EU is a mistake if you value freedom and liberty.