Thursday, November 10, 2016

Donald Hears a Who

Democrats didn't hear the cries from Middle America where college degrees and Internet start-ups aren't a path to success.

Flyover land isn't a speck. And a person's a person, no matter how small their plight seems to you from your lofty positions on the west and east coasts (and that can be a literal or figurative position).

Let's hope Democrats can at least try to work with President Trump to help the invisible people.

Recall my words when President Obama was elected. And since then, while I surely have written much to criticize the president's policies, I have also commended him and defended him on occasion. And I never insulted or disrespected him. I never turned against America because somebody I did not like was president.

Can we work on that attitude for Trump for the good of our country?

Nor do I ever think of a president as our savior who can solve all. A president does not--and should not--have that kind of power. America has to succeed either because of or despite who is president. We all have work to do.

Lord knows I don't like Trump, and I will disagree with him a lot on foreign policy. But I still hope for success for America.

UPDATE: I'm so old, I remember when Hillary supporters worried about Trump supporters taking to the streets if their candidate lost:

Tens of thousands of demonstrators took to the streets in cities across the country Wednesday to protest Donald Trump's election victory, in mostly peaceful gatherings that nonetheless resulted in at least 124 arrests and reports of damage, vandalism and injuries in several locations.

Although based on the black and yellow signs and giant puppets, I suspect that for a lot of the riot organizers, Mao is their dream candidate who lost.

UPDATE: Related thoughts here and here.

UPDATE: And no, racism isn't the reason Trump won. Trump won fewer whites than Romney and Trump won more minorities than Romney.

I hate to bring up the obvious, but Trump defeated a white woman. If racism is the reason for Trump's victory, why didn't these racist voters take the opportunity to vote for a Republican in the last two elections when an actual African American was on the ballot (and who won, obviously)?