Monday, November 14, 2016

Defender of the What?


Germany’s chancellor, Angela Merkel, has emerged as the last powerful defender of Europe and the trans-Atlantic alliance after the election of Donald J. Trump.

Get a room. Since it took two authors to write that love note to Merkel, I suggest a large bed for the ménage à twaddle they are having.

Merkel is the defender of the West against Russian aggression when her military is barely large enough to annoy the Russians? If Germany's troops aren't on overtime, of course.

Merkel is the defender of the West against the problem of mass migration of non-Europeans to Europe with no notion of how they can be assimilated to be part of the West with any more success than existing Moslems are?

Merkel is the champion of trans-Atlantic relations when she is gung ho on the European Union, which at its heart is a proto-empire that sees the people of Europe as a bigger threat and seeks to supplant the America-dominated NATO as the dominant defense alliance in Europe?

Really, these problems with that reality-defying statement about Merkel are all linked.

The Europhiles don't believe there is a greater threat to Europe than Europeans themselves, so nation-states can be weak militarily and socially; mass immigration reduces the cohesion of countries built on a more homogeneous people who have never been good at assimilating immigrants; and the EU proto-empire would find it easier to exert control if there are no powerful nation-states to resist the Euro royalty.

If you mean Merkel is defending a "liberal" Europe in the sense of having no confidence in Europe's civilization, no willingness to defend what centuries of Europeans have built, and an unhealthy faith in anti-democratic forces to guide a political Europe forward, sure, Merkel might be the last powerful defender of "liberal" Europe.

Good. May she fail.