Thursday, September 01, 2016

No Offense Intended

Brazil's president has been voted out of office by their senate. I can't seem to work up a lot of interest.

Well, there she goes:

Brazil's Senate on Wednesday voted to remove President Dilma Rousseff from office, the culmination of a yearlong fight that paralyzed Latin America's largest nation and exposed deep rifts among its people on everything from race relations to social spending.

She's out on corruption charges. Sadly, the Marxist wasn't rejected for her sheer economic stupidity.

The Brazilian senate erred in not voting to bar her from public office for eight years as they could have. Enemies and small harms, and all that.

This should matter more to me. Brazil is the fifth most populous country with the ninth largest GDP.

But as the joke goes, "Brazil is the country of the future ... and always will be."

I just don't expect Brazil to ever be able to project significant military power even around their periphery.

Not that Brazil needs much military power given their neighborhood. So I'm not saying Brazil needs to be a major military power. But that's the angle I write about.