Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Keep Your Enemies Closer

I had been musing about Secretary of State Clinton given that she and President Obama had been such bitter opponents (Clinton's backers started the "birther" junk and Hillary once in an ABC interview hilariously failed to clearly renounce talk of whether Obama was Moslem).

This ties in with why President Obama would let Clinton get away with using a private server. Could it really be he didn't notice? Is that possible?

And given my utter frustration with Secretary Kerry, I can't remember really getting worked up and frustrated over Clinton when she held the office. Sure, our foreign policy bothered me. But I don't recall blaming this on Clinton. Odd, no?

Hillary Clinton seemed like a non-entity despite the miles traveled. I didn't even get worked up about Hillary's role in the immediate response to the 2012 Benghazi attacks given that State Department security people did march to the sound of the guns during the attack.

Then consider that President Obama has famously centralized foreign policy in the White House.

And then I read this, in which an admitted partisan said that Clinton was not taken seriously by foreign leaders.

Do all these things fit together?

Did President Obama not trust Hillary Clinton? Did he make her secretary of state to keep her close and inside the tent peeing out rather than outside peeing in?

And then did President Obama bypass Hillary Clinton by running foreign policy out of the White House while figuring Hillary's time fundraising for the Clinton Foundation was a good bargain?

Did foreign leaders see this cut-out and act accordingly, seeing that the real foreign policy power was nowhere near Herself?

Especially for those abroad reading Hillary's hacked email, this might have been an interesting revelation.

Keep your friends close and your enemies closer? If so, that was the most intelligent thing President Obama did in foreign policy.