Monday, September 12, 2016

Cutting Edge Tech is Always Glitchy

So Hillary Clinton succumbed to some medical condition on 9/11 yesterday? As her supporters would say, what difference does it make now?

In my opinion, such stumbles are nothing to worry about.

Their rarity is what we should be discussing. I'm actually fairly amazed at the high availability rate achieved by the Hillarybot Mark I.

More seriously, the outrage the media has over questions of Hillary Clinton's health requires us to forget the treatment John McCain got in 2008. Heck, there were even whispers of "Manchurian Candidate" because of his time in a North Vietnamese prison camp (where torture was routine).

Yet I don't remember being outraged at the question of health. It is relevant. So yeah, I'd like to know if Hillary Clinton is healthy enough to be president.

And Hillary's secrecy about even this as her press corps entourage was kept in the dark while the incident played out doesn't inspire confidence in Hillary Clinton's transparency. I honestly have no idea what is out there in the web on the wilder scenarios. But I do know that this candidate's first impulse is to hide anything about her regardless of whether it is bad.

In a related question, I'd like to know what kind of Bat Cave does Chelsea Clinton have that Hillary's first impulse at a medical emergency was to go to her apartment rather than an emergency room at a hospital?

Seriously, is Chelsea Clinton one step away from an underwater lair with flying subs to reach it?

And no, Hillary supporters, you cannot link Trump's tax returns with Hillary's health record.

If Trump was violating tax laws, the IRS would not remain silent.

What national entity reviews filed health records for crimes or problems? Nobody, that's who.

Although if there was an entity, would they release them? After all, the State Department in theory is the entity responsible for preserving Hillary Clinton's emails during her tenure as Secretary of State and yet tens of thousands are gone.

So there is no equivalence. And no trust built up to give her the benefit of the doubt.

She says she is just fine. So that's good. May she remain in the good health she says she is in.

Although if she is an early model AI, my health questions evaporate and I am deeply impressed about her availability rate.