Wednesday, July 20, 2016

We've Endured Worse. We'll Endure This

The prophets of disaster are out in force. Stop that.

Are we on the verge of political violence like 1968 or even the Civil War? Really, we'll be fine:

It is worth considering the possibility that we do not live in especially consequential times, politically speaking, and that much of the drama of our current politics is just that: drama, a performance we stage for ourselves as an entertainment.

In an age of micro-aggression sensitivity and First World problems, should we really believe that our problems are actually macro-scale? Haven't we had enough of the logic that a small decrease in the rate of increase of some obscure government program will literally kill old people?

I just don't buy the doom angle. Whether from the right or left. Do read it all.

Although I don't like the trends of late, it is true, I do figure we'll muddle through.

We have geographic advantages that can help us endure the worst of leaders, whether elected or not.

I surely don't like President Obama and think we would have been better off with his opponents, but is he the worst president ever? I don't know. Probably not. I haven't complained about everything he has done.

And if he is the worst? We'll deal.

And we'll have to deal with Trump or Hillary! for four years (maximum, let's hope).

But we will deal. We may be hurt. Perhaps badly. Perhaps to our regret over our past choices. But we'll deal.

Perhaps this is why despite my utter contempt for Trump, I don't think the republic dies if he wins. I really do think the clown will do less damage than Hillary Clinton and that criminal enterprise masquerading as a family.

I certainly don't expect either to grow in office and become someone I respect or like.

Not the least because our mainstream media will take their investigative journalism skills out of the blind trust they put it in during the Obama tenure in order to be court stenographers for the Glory of Hope and Change.

Although even if Hillary wins, we'll deal. Eventually. Just without the help of traditional media.

We're America. We can deal with problems. Even those self inflicted.