Saturday, July 16, 2016

Quacking Like a Duck

Why yes, Edward Snowden is a Russian intelligence asset:

Now, the Kremlin has settled the issue once and for all by stating that Edward Snowden is indeed their man. In a remarkable interview this week, Franz Klintsevich, a senior Russian security official, explained the case matter-of-factly: “Let’s be frank. Snowden did share intelligence. This is what security services do. If there’s a possibility to get information, they will get it.”

As is Julian Assange and Wikileaks. Do read it all.

With this, Klintsevich simply said what all intelligence professionals already knew – that Snowden is a collaborator with the FSB. That he really had no choice in the matter once he set foot in Russia does not change the facts.

Yet the Left likes to portray Snowden as a patriot doing great service to America.

Which once again illustrates the observation that false patriotism is the last refuge (well, that and an apartment in Moscow) of a scoundrel.

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