Saturday, July 23, 2016

Knitting the Pieces Together

I've never been in the camp that says President Obama is failing Ukraine by refusing to sell big ticket weapons systems to Kiev. Ukraine has most of the pieces they need to fight Russia. Ukraine needs the ability to improve and mesh what they have.

Artillery has been a big factor in the Russia-Ukraine Donbas War. So this American help will have an impact:

The U.S. Army delivered AN-TPQ-36 Firefinder radar systems to the Ukrainian military, the service's Security Assistance Command said Wednesday. ...

The delivery was part of the Fiscal 2016 Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative, part of a larger package that includes communication and medical equipment, night vision devices, personal protection equipment and military training, a program that totals more than $200 million.

Ukraine has lots of heavy army equipment that, if repaired and upgraded, can meet the Russians in the field. Ukraine doesn't need our tanks and planes when Ukraine has a lot in storage and when incorporating our gear in place of the Soviet-origin equipment would take too long to make a difference in the war going on now.

And Ukraine has lots of small arms.

Although I'd certainly make an exception by supplying infantry anti-tank weapons.

As long as we are encouraging our eastern NATO allies who have experience with Russian equipment to work with Ukraine to upgrade Ukraine's existing tanks, armored vehicles, and artillery, our "non-lethal" help can help pull all the pieces together and make Ukraine's military far more lethal.