Wednesday, July 27, 2016

It's as If Freedom and Liberty are Important

 Perhaps there is a reason for this?

Republicans own the words "freedom" and "liberty," and their ability to take control over those and other terms reveals how successful the GOP is at "framing" political issues, the New York Times reported this weekend.

"[T]he right has been more successful than the left at framing issues related to abortion, health care, labor unions and the concept of government itself, among other issues, with carefully contrived catchphrases," the Times' Julie Bosman reported this weekend, citing University of California, Berkeley, professor George Lakoff.

Ah, professors. So many degrees. So little sense.

The Left is doing its best to recast words like "free" for Newspeak, no doubt. I guess they are getting all sad-faced for not succeeding yet.

That's okay. Democrats own the words "do what you're told" and "shut up."

So there you go.

When I read junk like this, I can almost understand why Maoists sent intellectuals to the farms to do labor during the Chinese Cultural Revolution.

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