Sunday, July 31, 2016

Enjoy Your Soy and Leave Me the Ef Alone

What is it with the leftist urge to order people around (for their own good, of course!)?

These people make me sick (tip to Instapundit):

Meat consumption in the United States — and across much of the Western world — has reached a level that is unsustainable, both for our planet and for our health. We owe it to ourselves to make a change. Our politicians owe it to us to enable that change.

We shouldn't like meat as much as we do. Eating less meat will save the planet, she says. And our government must help us save ourselves and save the planet. Thanks a bunch Ms. Wellesley, you proto-fascist.

And here is where we get the bloody giveaway about pining for the firm "guiding" hand of government to force enable us make that change!

Last month, the world’s most populous country, China, took an important step in addressing the population’s increasingly unhealthy meat-eating habits, introducing national dietary guidelines that recommend a daily meat intake half that of current consumption levels.

Ah yes, the appeal of "reasonably enlightened" autocrats who will help us enable the change to less meat in our diet. Indeed, we deserve that help!

It always starts with "educating" us about "better" choices and always seems to end with forcing us to make the choices our leftist brethren think are better:

It's a familiar script. Our leftist betters identify something that people stupidly do. Then they attempt to educate us about that bad thing. When that doesn't reduce that bad thing enough, they agitate for laws that raise the cost of doing that bad thing. And then when that doesn't do the trick, they seek to ban that bad thing.

Funny enough, none of the things they like to do ever count as bad things.

Oh, and then they try to require us to do the "good" thing with the ultimate option of having government prevent us from making bad choices and making us make good choices.

So thanks to this research associate for attempting to educate us about the evils of too-high meat consumption. Your concerns are duly noted.

Now back off from your fantasies of autocrats forcing us to savor the joys of kale versus the planet-killing burgers we seem to like.

We are free people and we will choose. Not you and not our government.