Saturday, July 02, 2016

Dialing the COEXIST Fantasy to 11

If this isn't the low point of the West's defense of our civilization in the face of the culture clash of Moslem migration that does not want to assimilate, I don't know what is:

Sweden’s police chief unveiled the force’s latest weapon in the fight against sexual assault: wristbands reading “Don’t touch me”.

Apparently the COEXIST bumper stickers didn't work.

The Dignified Rant has the video of the police interview of a migrant arrested for sexual assault that led to this blinding revelation of how to stop migrant rapes in Sweden:

If only someone had mentioned to the migrants when they arrived that this sort of thing is frowned upon.

I won't even point out how stupid this is--even apart from using Swedish as the language. And I won't claim that blonde Swedes don't rape.

I will however ask, if this response is somehow actually correct, just how wise is it to import people--whether from religion or culture--who don't even know it is wrong to sexually assault women?

Swedish women are going to get awfully weighed down with all sorts of crime-specific wrist bands if this really is the solution, eh?

I swear to God, Putin could pave his way to the easy conquest of Europe with Western guilt if he simply abandoned the Orthodox Church and made Islam the state religion of Russia.