Tuesday, April 19, 2016

The Best and Brightest

If Idiocracy showed a future where the stupid outbred the smart, don't assume that the educated will lead to a better future of rational thought.

Behold the stupid:


Although the one young man was rather an oppressor, wasn't he, for insisting that he'd have to be persuaded that the interviewer's reasons for stating his self-identification were valid. Don't you think?

Bono recently hoped to combat jihadi fanaticism with humor.

In that spirit, I give you Monty Python:

We went from humor to policy in 35 years.

Symbolic of a struggle against reality, indeed.

UPDATE: To be clear, an individual with genuine identification issues can and should be afforded human sympathy. That must be awful.

But putting public policy through contortions to deny an external reality is just idiocy--if not idiocracy.