Sunday, April 03, 2016

Ordering People About is What it is All About

Eventually the Left oppresses everyone--not just suit-wearing bankers who are the convenient first target.

This story says the attacker is a student rather than an employee. Could be both, I guess.

You don't have to admire the student attacked for his style to recognize that he does have the right to go about his life as he sees fit without being set upon by some campus crybully.

The part that is really enjoyable is how the attacker is having so much fun abusing and mocking the victim until she realizes she has been filmed--so we can hear her accusing the victim of touching her even as we can see that she was grabbing and pulling the victim!

The look on the attacker's face is special at that point.

And how lucky is that young man that a bystander recorded the encounter. Otherwise he'd be accused of putting his hands on the young woman in yet another horrible campus racially based aggression.

If only government officials in larger numbers would get that look.