Saturday, April 23, 2016

Of Course You Realize, This Means a Rotten Tomatometer Score

The PLA is upset with an American cartoon movie's propaganda attack on China.

Paranoid much?

China’s Communist Party has long preached resistance to Western values, such as democracy and freedom of speech.

Now, according to a Chinese military newspaper, these values are infiltrating China via an unlikely Trojan horse: the Disney animated movie “Zootopia.”

The People’s Liberation Army Daily recently branded the cartoon — a computer-animated buddy-cop film set in a city populated by animals — an instrument of American propaganda. The film has earned more than $230 million in China, ranking it among Disney’s top-grossing films in the world’s second-largest market.

Of course, when you want to control thoughts, any deviation is a threat. So I guess it isn't so much paranoia as it is a ridiculously low threat perception threshold.

And really, I imagine that the biggest outrage in PLA circles is that the Chinese failed to shape the movie in production long before it made to the big screens in the Middle Kingdom and weakened party resolve among the Chinese people.

Of course, the Chinese Communist Party has their sights set higher than merely controlling what the Chinese see.

As I said, they have a low threat threshold. Sadly for the Chinese autocrats, they haven't managed to popularize the term "Sinophobic"--yet--in our leftist Newspeak dictionary.