Tuesday, April 05, 2016

It's the Regime, Stupid

Why we are surprised that Iran is already getting around what we were told was the nuclear deal with Iran is a mystery to me given that we have already seen Syria use chemical weapons notwithstanding the 2013 Kerry-Lavrov deal that required Syria to give up chemical weapons capabilities.

Behold the glories of Smart Diplomacy in Syria:

Despite continued denials by the Syrian government most observers believe the continued use of chlorine as a chemical weapon in Syria is often the work of the Syrian government, not just Islamic terrorists trying to discredit the government. The UN cannot act because Russia is an ally of Syria and has a veto over UN efforts to punish the Syrian government for this. Like everything else in Syria, this is not a simple situation. First of all although the first chemical weapon attack in modern history, in 1915, used 168 tons of chlorine gas, the current Chemical Weapons Convention does not recognize chlorine as a chemical weapon. Then, as now, chlorine proved to be an inefficient chemical weapon and was quickly replaced by more effective ones by the end of 1915.

Yeah, is it any wonder Iran is able to move forward already on getting nuclear missiles ready?

Iran will pursue its development of ballistic missiles despite the U.S. blacklisting of more Iranian companies linked to the program, a senior Revolutionary Guards commander said on Monday.

Syria has chemical weapons scant years after the glorious deal that "disarmed" Syria of chemical weapons.

And Iran is hell-bent on getting nuclear-capable ballistic missiles scant months after the Iran nuclear deal supposedly suspends Iran's drive for nuclear weapons.

It is folly to count on deals with evil regimes to constrain their evil. The problem is the evil regime itself. All else are mere details of how they will promote evil.

This administration truly believes they are doing a good job (in the update).