Saturday, September 05, 2015

Unclear On the Concept

What is Senator Bernie Sanders talking about?

Look, I think historically in too many instances the United States has gone to war, often unilaterally, when we should not have. I think my vote against the first war in the Gulf region was the right vote. I think we could have gotten Saddam Hussein out of Kuwait in a way that did not require a war.

Sanders voted against the Persian Gulf War because he thinks we needlessly went to war unilaterally?

The war that was authorized by the UN Security Council--the governing body of the sainted international community--in an exercise that pretty much defines "multilateral."

And which happens to be one of only two wars the UN has authorized. (The Korean War was the other.)

And just how would this magical ejection from Kuwait have taken place if not by our invasion? Massive carpet bombing of biblical proportions didn't convince Saddam to leave Kuwait.

Should we have supported a rebellion? See Syria where the bloody civil war drags on.

Just bombing without sending in ground troops? See Libya where chaos reigns and chaos is being exported to Europe's southern shores as refugees flow through Libya, daring the dangerous seas to reach the continent.

Sanctions? See Iran, where we claim we are unable to sustain them any more.

See also Russia, which continues to hold Crimea and parts of eastern Ukraine.

Targeted drone strikes? See Yemen where the country devolved into chaos despite being the model theater of war as our president once described it.

Or maybe we just contain them? See North Korea.

Ah socialism! It's not just a way to screw up economies and oppress your own people!