Monday, September 07, 2015

Iran's Mullah's Are More Trustworthy Than This Administration?

President Obama assumes Iran will be more scrupulous about obeying the actual Iran deal than he is in the ratification process for the deal.

President Obama considers the Iran deal a legacy issue, yet deemed it not important enough to be considered a treaty to avoid having to pass a two-thirds vote in the Senate to go into effect.

He came to an agreement with Congress to go along with that claim which requires the president to reveal all documents on the deal to Congress in exchange for requiring Congress to have a two-thirds vote in both houses to reject the deal.

The president has not revealed all relevant documents--because he allowed two key documents to be between the IAEA and Iran--assuming there isn't something else we also weren't told about.

Indeed, by missing the deadline to submit all documents to Congress, it is too late to abide by the law, thus nullifying the provisions.

And now the president is looking for ways to prevent a vote in the Senate contrary to the other part of that deal with Congress:

With votes assured for a presidential victory in a veto fight over the Iran nuclear deal, the White House is now hoping for enough support to block opposition to the deal in the Senate – making sure that President Obama never has to take out his veto pen in the first place.

Apparently, he fears that just having to issue a veto will weaken his standing in the world.

Dude, that train has left the station.

But more important, notice that he didn't anticipate this problem when he made the deal with Congress. Nice way to consider the implications of your actions, eh?

That level of foresight should reassure us all that the president and his people have considered the possible results of the Iran nuclear deal itself months or years down the line? Yikes.

Yet after the president himself has twisted process and agreements to get what he wants, he insists that Iran would never twist the agreement to get nuclear weapons.

Have a super sparkly day.