Saturday, September 05, 2015

For the Children

Banning superhero lunch boxes (or images on clothing) in schools because superheroes use violence to solve problems is--and I'm going to use a technical term here--"stupid."

As Jonah writes about the idiocy of knee-jerk condemnation of violence:

That’s because violence is a tool. It’s not a good tool — in the moral sense — nor is it a bad tool. Surgery to save a life is laudable. Surgery to inflict pain is torture. A hammer can smash in someone’s skull, or it can build a house. To say that all kinds of violence are equally bad isn’t high-minded morality; it is amoral nihilism wrapped in a kind of gauzy, brain-dead sanctimony.

I eagerly await the day when a child is sent home from that school for having a Malcom X lunch box.

Or a shirt with President Obama's picture on it. He who proudly ordered Seal Team 6 to inflict a violent solution on Osama bin Laden, smashed the Khadaffi regime in Libya ("We came, we say, he died" as Hillary Clinton famously quipped about the man), and who established a "kill list" for jihadi terrorists--among other resorts to violence.

But that won't happen.

Not that I'm complaining about the president's use of force. But I'm a knuckle-dragger, don't you know.

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