Wednesday, September 02, 2015

A Joint Comprehensive Plan of Climate Action

Based on the glorious nuclear Iran-free world that Secretary of State Kerry (peace be upon his Nobel Peace Prize) described today, what would a comprehensive climate change deal look like based on the Iran deal model?

First of all, we'd limit carbon emissions from coal plants for a period of ten years.

After that, we'd settle for energy companies "intending" not to emit more carbon.

We'd have EPA inspectors limited to how they can inspect existing facilities with ample opportunities for coal-fired plants to delay inspections for up to 24 days with other provisions to resolve disputes over terms of the deal, adding unknown time to that time frame.

No coal plants would need to be shuttered during the period of the deal.

After the ten years are up, all EPA restrictions on coal use would be lifted. And the EPA would lose its authority to govern coal plant usage.

Yet Greens would celebrate because coal use would be contained for a decade, thus suspending the day the dread "tipping point" for our climate arrive?