Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Victory is the Best Retaliation

ISIL savages burned that Jordanian pilot alive. Perhaps Jordan will join the war against ISIL in a real way.

These are barbarians we are dealing with:

Islamic State militants released a video on Tuesday appearing to show a captured Jordanian pilot being burnt alive, and Jordan vowed to avenge his death with an "earth-shaking" response.

The Jordanians will execute several Islamist prisoners.

The best way for Jordan to execute an earth-shattering response would be to do what I've wanted them to do from the start of the mid-summer ISIL crisis: provide the mechanized force to strike into Anbar from the west in coordination with an Iraqi offensive from the east into Anbar.

And I don't want to hear one more Goddamn word about Guantanamo Bay.