Monday, February 16, 2015

The Jerk

Oh my God, they hate the random people!

On the heels of Jews in France inexplicably being caught in the randomness of Islamist terrorists, Denmark stands too close to the random people:

Danish police shot dead a gunman in Copenhagen on Sunday they believe was responsible for killing two civilians and wounding five police in separate attacks on a synagogue and an event promoting freedom of speech.

Motivations remain unclear, the article says.

Stay away from the cans!

Granted, not every murder committed by a Moslem against a non-Moslem or somebody who "insults" Mohammed is necessarily religion-based (and the reverse is true, too). People kill people all the time for big and small reasons, sadly enough.

And sometimes false sectarianism can be the last refuge of a scoundrel, who attempts to cloak their thuggery and evil in the garb of a higher (as they define it) religious purpose.

But too often, when the targets are Jews and those who defend freedom of speech in the face of attempts to define it as blasphemy, that's the way you should bet.

You can deny that basic math for awhile. But that doesn't affect what is happening.

And you'd be a jerk.

The cans are not defective, people.

UPDATE: Mark Steyn has more:

The dead of Valentine's Day in Copenhagen have now been named:

Dan Uzan was a 37-year-old Jew - sorry, I mean "member of the random community" - and he died outside the synagogue serving as a "security guard" for a Bat Mitzvah.

That's part of the problem - long before anybody starts killing the security guards. In Europe in the 21st century, a young girl's Bat Mitzvah can only take place behind a security perimeter. What a sewer the EU elites have made of their Eutopia. The state church - the Church of Denmark - does not require security guards, nor elsewhere on the Continent do Catholic churches. But Jewish religious and social life in Copenhagen and across Europe is now possible only behind a barrier of security.

Perhaps here in America, the Random-American community should be made a protected class under our statutes. Then at least it might be considered a hate crime to kill them us.

Congress should get right on that.