Monday, January 12, 2015

Je Suis Charlie from Behind

All of the president's men were too busy to show solidarity with the French:

Don’t look for the president or vice president among the photos of 44 heads of state who locked arms and marched down Boulevard Voltaire in Paris. Nor did they join a companion march the French Embassy organized in Washington on Sunday afternoon.

Sadly, nobody thought to organize a companion march at whatever golf course the president was nearest.

Secretary of State Kerry was not impressed with the questions of why the president or his people were not in Paris:

Secretary of State John Kerry said that criticism that he and the Obama administration skipped the unity rally in Paris yesterday is "sort of quibbling a little bit." He made the comments at a press conference in India, after announcing that he'd be visiting France on Thursday.

The Dignified Rant has discovered video of that press conference:

No worries, however. Our top diplomat is on the real problem of the day--carbon footprints--and not car bomb footprints.

How could you possibly expect Secretary Kerry to interrupt his climate agenda to address terrorism?

I mean, it's not like government leaders in India (of all places!) have any interest in fighting jihadi terror! They'd have rolled their eyes, glanced at their watches, and yawned!

But I digress (as I can!).

Still, let's be fair to President Obama. How can you possibly expect President to say "I am Charlie" when The One normally says, "Je Suis Who Am"?

Mind you, our president did visit the French embassy to express his sympathy. That was good.

Yet at a time when the world seems weary of fighting jihadi fanatics (or even naming them) who don't easily tire of slaughtering innocents, it would have been wise to bolster the world in standing up to said jihadi fanatics.

The world needs bolstering, have no doubt. In defense of the president, he's hardly the only one who really isn't Charlie at all.

Many with the signs and hashtags proclaiming their Charlie-ness have no problem enforcing their own orthodoxy when it comes to blasphemers.

Although be grateful that the violence is only video so far. Care to join the caliphate? No pressure. Your choice. Cut your infidels by 10%, eh?

UPDATE: Perhaps the lack of attention is just the continuing lack of interest in anything outside of their talking point for the day.