Friday, January 02, 2015

Something Fishy, Indeed

Darn those exploding fish! (Said the boat first mate right before the explosion, "I told you C-4 isn't good for bait.")

An Indian coast guard ship intercepted a Pakistani fishing boat suspected of carrying explosives in the Arabian Sea, and the four occupants of the vessel blew it up after a nearly hour-long chase, India's Defense Ministry said Friday.

The ministry said intelligence sources indicated that the boat from near Karachi was planning an unspecified illegal transaction. It said an aircraft and the coast guard ship intercepted the boat late Wednesday and demanded it stop to allow a search of its crew and cargo. The boat attempted to escape from Indian waters after warning shots were fired, it said.

"Illegal transactions?" I'll admit our "man-caused disasters" is an improvement on that terminology.

I blame global warming, of course.