Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Annals of the Most Transparent Administration in History

If you are worried that the White House will be unable to find a liar as accomplished as Jay Carney to be its new press secretary, I give you Stephanie Harf of the State Department.

I've long been impressed with her clear ability to replace Carney.

And if I'm somehow confusing her for Marie Harf, also of the State Department, I apologize. Whoever is on screen is a piece of work, no doubt.

UPDATE: I'm confused. For yucks I thought I'd treat myself to some more BS moments from this woman on YouTube. I see videos of her calling her Marie Harf.

So I Google and find pictures of the same woman whether I search Stephanie Harf or Marie Harf. Mind you, I can understand if she has aliases. I'd want to hide my identity, too, with her performances.

Or is one an evil twin? This is really confusing. Harry Mudd would have trouble with this model, I think. It would be inhuman.

UPDATE: Okay, apparently this is Marie Harf. I see lots of references to Stephanie Harf online but they must be in error. So look forward to Marie Harf moving over to the White House. Because we get who we deserve, it is clear.