Sunday, August 28, 2005

The Sunni Choice

I've read a lot of hand wringing over the failure of Sunni leaders to back the proposed constitution. Frankly, I don't give a flying fig about 99% of the Sunni objections. They still think they should run Iraq and still don't believe the Shias and Kurds deserve to run things. Shoot, a lot don't think Sunnis are the minority in Iraq. So many of their complaints reflect their refusal to accept reality. There is only so much that the Kurds and Shias should be expected to bend to a still defiant minority.

So the Sunni population will have a choice to make in the election to decide on the draft constitution:

Bush dismissed the constitution's rejection by 15 members of the Sunni negotiating team as the opinion of a few.

"There are strong beliefs among other Sunnis that this constitution is good for all Iraqis, and that it adequately reflects compromises suitable to all groups," he said.

The Sunni people already realize they made an error boycotting the January elections. I hope the Sunnis don't repeat this mistake by shunning the best constitution in the Arab world backed by the determination of the United States to help them succeed in building a democracy.

But if the Sunnis won't do what makes sense, the Shias and Kurds will eventually destroy the Sunni resistance the old fashioned way. Either way the Sunnis will lose power. But by embracing democracy, they at least have a chance of retaining influence.

Payback is a bitch, Sunnis. Don't give the Shias and Kurds the excuse a lot of them wouldn't mind having to rip apart the Sunni Iraqis for four centuries of abuse and exploitation.