Wednesday, January 05, 2005

National Resistance

Back in the summer, I wrote that I thought the Islamists were spoiling the plans of the Baathists to rally all Iraqis around the theme of resisting the foreign (American) invaders by killing so many Iraqis. They may not have had much of a choice since American units are such hard targets and did a good amount of killing when attacked--even rear echelon troops. But by failing to attack Americans, the Islamists alienated Iraqis. And by allying with the Islamists, the Baathists destroyed their chance of leading a national revolt against American forces.

With elections on the way, it may soon become clear that Iraqis want their own government. Once an Iraqi government is forming, the bulk of the Sunnis may be drawn finally into a national struggle against a foreign invader. As Major General Chiarelli (1st CAV) stated:

Also important, why is the insurgent resisting? He is resisting the will of the Iraqi people because he has a private agenda and he is terrified of what the Iraqi people will have to say at the polls. He is resisting a safer, economically sound and free Iraq to protect his self-interest. He is wicked and he has malicious partners within the country and from foreign lands that do not care about the Iraqi people. Consider that Osama bin Laden, not an Iraqi, has laid the terrorist -- labeled the terrorist Zarqawi -- not an Iraqi -- an emir or prince of Iraq. None of these people care about the people of Iraq. That is their only unifying theme.

As sovereignty passes more and more to the Iraqis in concrete terms, it will be easier for the non-Baathist Sunnis to join other Iraqis to kill and expel the foreign invaders--the Islamists--and subdue the Baathists who aid the foreign invaders.

The Baathists screwed up big allying with the Islamists (as I noted in "Center of Gravity" in June 2004). They thought they could use the Islamists to spark a national revolt against American forces but instead the Islamists are giving all Iraqis a foreign enemy to rally against.

This will be our enemy's critical error in this war. Rumsfeld should be grateful he isn't their defense chief.

And Saddam better hope he never has to face his supporters for his role in this error. Apparently, the strategy to import the jihadis that are rallying Iraqis to our side were imported starting a decade ago. All he did was up the body count before we and our Iraqi friends win. When is Saddam going to be executed anyway? I mean after a trial, of course.