Saturday, January 29, 2005

Inshallah and Pass the Ammunition

Elections in Iraq are beginning. The enemy threatens to disrupt the elections and have vowed to kill any Iraqis who vote. The enemy has a lot invested in stopping this vote.

The bravery of American, Iraqi, and Coalition troops have made this election possible. The dedication of Iraqis who serve the new, free Iraq have made this day possible. And Iraqis who will vote will make sure the sacrifices of soldiers and bureaucrats are not in vain.

Will the jihadi and Baathists succeed in harming the vote? I doubt it. Will the enemy expose themselves to our killing machine in a desperate effort to make good on their vow to stop the elections? That is quite possible. Remember, the insurgents that mortared the Green Zone today were spotted, followed, and arrested! We are ready for the SOBs today. The fighting may go on. It may even get worse. But it is also possible that this election day will be the tipping point that makes it clear that our enemy cannot win.

I'm hoping this is the first sign of final victory. Though it may not be apparent until we look back at this day. Or the fight may be a slugging match as we stand up Iraqis to carry on the fight. I'm steeled for the latter result.

But I do have hope. This is a good day for Iraqis. Freedom is being born and we are making it possible.