Monday, November 17, 2014

Please, the Outline of the Deal is Obvious

Ledeen comments on the speculation game over a potential nuclear agreement with Iran with the looming (what number is this one?) "deadline" of November 24th.

He thinks Iran is content to have no deal which leaves them with a nuke program, weakening sanctions, and a humiliated America still hanging around stalker-like, trying to catch the top mullah's eye at various negotiating venues.

I don't bother speculating on the potential details. The big picture has always been clear to me.

The Iranians will pretend not to have a nuclear weapons program; and we will pretend to believe them.

While I am not sure how many deadlines we've set for Iran, let's recall that first deadline that not only included Iran's nuclear program, but insisted that Iran stop fomenting violence in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Good times. Good times. The Tennessee Pork Festival denial surely hurt Tehran.