Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Great Moments in the Blindingly Obvious (Pt. 7)

The headline says it all:
"Iran Says Nuclear Freeze Won't Last Long"

When the Iranians proclaim the obvious why do we believe them at all? When the mullahs quibble over details indicating what they really want, why aren't their intentions to go nuclear clear to even the most senior State Department careerists? Why do some pin such great hopes on negotiating with these people?

The Iranians are simply buying time in order to get nukes and the Europeans are selling—nay, giving—the Iranians the time they need. The question is, will we go along with this program? Is our goal really just to shield ourselves from the blindingly obvious until our satellites detect a flash in the deserts of Iran indicating the Iranians just went nuclear and we can no longer live the life of the blissfully ignorant?

The mullahs want nuclear weapons and we won't like it if they get them.