Monday, November 29, 2004

Europe Wants to be Fooled

Euro-Disney has a long way to go before it rivals the fantasy world the Europeans have constructed to explain away Iran's nuclear behavior. Europe plays pretend games while Iran moves forward with deadly seriousness.

The Europeans continue to pretend to negotiate with the Iranians over Iran's nuclear ambitions and the Iranians don't even have the politeness to go along for more than a few days as Tehran publicly quibbles over the precise terms of the meaningless agreements the Europeans claim Iran has signed.

I've read some who say that all Iranians want nukes so we can't possibly stop them from going nuclear. Since I've argued for regime change to prevent Iran from being a nuclear threat does this mean regime change is pointless? Hardly:

Even if you believe that a nuclear Iran is inevitable, is it not infinitely better to have those atomic bombs in the hands of pro-Western Iranians, chosen by their own people, than in the grip of fanatical theocratic tyrants dedicated to the destruction of the Western satans?

And maybe it isn't inevitable. Faster, please.

You know, I don't worry about France with nuclear weapons. So while I'd prefer it if Iran did not have them, I'd sleep a lot better knowing that reasonable people in Tehran have them. And as Ledeen says, perhaps a nuclear-armed Iran isn't inevitable.

Regime change really is our only way out. Europe's detour into the world of process and pretend solutions does not change that. My only hope is that this Bizarro World dance runs parallel to our own preparations to really deal with the problem and that the pretend negotiations have not sidetracked us from our own action.