Sunday, August 21, 2016

Trust? The Answer is Verified

The Russians appear to be violating both the INF treaty on medium-range nuclear weapons and the New START treaty on intercontinental nuclear weapons. We clearly can't trust them, as this demonstrates:

The House Armed Services Committee has put Russian noncompliance into some perspective:

According to the testimony of senior officials of the Department of State, the Russian Federation is not complying with numerous treaties and agreements, including the INF Treaty, the Open Skies Treaty, the Biological Weapons Convention, the Chemical Weapons Convention, the Vienna Document, the Budapest Memorandum, the Istanbul Commitments, the Presidential Nuclear Initiatives, the Missile Technology Control Regime, and the Russian Federation has recently withdrawn from the Treaty on Conventional Armed Forces in Europe (CFE).[v]

We are clearly dealing with a pervasive problem of noncompliance that involves virtually all of the arms control agreements.

Good Lord, people, the entire Russian Paralympic team was kicked out of the upcoming event because of widespread doping of disabled athletes! WTF?

And it gets worse than "just" Russian cheating. We apparently have no interest in making sure Russia complies with the treaties:

The Obama administration appears not to be pressuring Russia to comply with the INF and New START Treaties. There is no indication that the Obama administration has done anything to close the New START loopholes discussed above. It reportedly may offer Russia a five year extension of the New START Treaty,[lxv] apparently without resolving any of the outstanding compliance issues or dealing with the circumvention issues.

Yet we seek Russia's "help" on Syria.

And for real yucks, our president thanked Russia for helping us get that farcical nuclear deal with Iran.

How likely do you really think it is that Russia helped us get a deal that benefits America?

Hell, the Russians probably gave Iran the list of violated agreements above to convince the mullah nutballs of how easy it is to violate any agreement with America.