Monday, August 29, 2016

The Beautiful Butterfly Emerges!

Wow! The Iranians sure do value cheap and clean nuclear-generated electricity!

Tehran has deployed a recently delivered Russian-made long-range [S-300 anti-aircraft] missile system to central Iran to protect its Fordo nuclear facility, state television said Sunday.

Protecting nuclear facilities is paramount "in all circumstances" General Farzad Esmaili, the commander of Iran's air defences, told the IRIB channel.

It's a Green eco-dream!

Iran is so eager to transition away from fossil fuels that they have prioritized deploying new Russian air defense systems not to protect a high value military target but to guard a nuclear enrichment facility buried in a mountain that has nothing to do with pursuing nuclear-armed missiles which the Iranians have no intention of developing because of the glorious nuclear deal with President Obama!

It is so rewarding to see Iran evolve into a responsible regional power right before our eyes!

UPDATE: Jane's says that the S-300 is not at Fordo:

Satellite imagery obtained by IHS Jane's shows Iran has not deployed an S-300 long-range air defence system to the Fordow uranium enrichment facility as claimed.

Iran sure wants people to think Fordo is defended. Which might bridge a gap until Fordo is defended.