Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Putin Smiles

Ah, if Putin had a role in directing refugees into Europe, he is getting a nice bonus collateral damage in the main economic power in Europe and the source of the largest potential military challenge to Russia within Europe:

A week-long spate of violent attacks this summer — including two involving migrants — has triggered debate about potentially deploying troops on Germany's streets for the first time since World War II.

The German army is sad enough as part of a weak conventional force that might challenge the Russian army. It would take a lot to mobilize Germany's economic power and build a formidable military.

Instead, the German army may be diverted to police duties dealing with Islamists and criminals among the migrants--making it even less imposing as a force that could stop the Russians.

UPDATE: Related:

There are signs that Islamists are trying to join the German armed forces to get military training, and there is a risk they might use that training to carry out attacks in Germany or abroad, a German newspaper cited a draft document as saying.

Consequently, the armed forces want applicants to undergo a security check by the military counter-intelligence agency, starting in July 2017[.]

On one side or another, the German military is going into the streets, it seems.

UPDATE: Related:

The [United States] Army is using improved explosive detecting gear at garrisons throughout Europe to intensify the military’s force protection and guard against a wave of terrorist attacks that have stretched from France and Belgium to Germany.

The jihadis prefer easier civilian targets, but you never can tell.